Sunday, January 9, 2011

About My Art

 I use a 5 piece set of Prismacolor pens, and I use regular old off brand fine watercolors to color the work. Some of my work is based off of work that others have done, while some of it is original. I am an amateur; however, I am getting better, and I plan to hone my skills over the next year in Afghanistan. I love positive criticism, so feel free to make comments.    


  1. Amy helped me set up a Google I can send you messaages. I'm so pleased with your art work and hooted over Andy's picture. More later.

  2. Jimmy, I have more time now to comment on your art. By far, "Subway People" is the best offering; you caught the relaxed posture of the 3 people. "Man on Train" has excellent proportions in head, hairline glasses and features. However, the hand & body are too small. "Andy" is humorous and well done. Imply the teeth shape without shading. Very funny. "Rain" beautifully portrays overpowering rain with the small figure. Of course, people are the most difficult to portray. Keep it up. Love, Mimi